Making And Achieving Goals

What are your dreams, how do you visualize your future?When you become clear about your vision and goals, it becomes easier to say yes or no with valid reasons and no fear of rejection.When you are looking to identify your vision, it is best to do this in a quiet place where you find inspiration and no distractions.Unique ensure that your vision is unique and fits into your values and passion.This means imagining yourself maybe three years from now in the role.How do you see yourself, and do you like your role?Simple a vision must be simple, clear, and easy to understand.Focused a good vision is not broad.It is narrow and precise.Bold a vision needs to be brave and big.It must test your abilities and skills.Beneficial a good vision has a purpose, and it is intended to benefit you as well as others.Aligned your vision should be aligned to your objectives and ways of achieving it.For purposes of authenticity, ensure that there are no contradictions with your objectives.Inspiring write down your vision in a manner that is inspiring.Your vision must be inspiring not only to you but to your team as well.Overall, to be successful, you must have a vision and work towards that vision as it acts as a road map to your destination.If you desire to attain anything in life, setting goals is one of the most important things to do.People who do not set goals tend to have no direction and believe that life just happens to them, and that luck is what determines what they have or do not have in life.Setting goals is the difference between having control over your life and letting life have control over you.When you take charge of your life, it means you enjoy it, while knowing where it is headed.You put work towards it until you arrive at your destination.You may sometimes think that you have set goals, and you are not motivated to achieve them, yet the goals look very good and relevant.The problem is not inadequate motivation but that your goals lack alignment with your life purpose.There are two ways to set goals.The traditional and superficial way is where you set goals based on what you think you should do or accomplish.These goals can be achievable, and they do work, but they are the kind of goals that you will likely drop because they are not in harmony with your higher self or purpose.If you achieve them, you may not have the feeling or experience you expected because the goal was not aligned with your purpose.When setting goals, focus on your deepest desires, passions or dreams, and your calling.Do not allow anything to dissuade you by telling you that it is unachievable.Set goals that are aligned with your purpose and soul.Knowing what you want is not enough.It is important to write down your plan for what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it.You should also make time to check your goals often so that you never get distracted from them.When you write them down, keep them somewhere you will see them daily in order to stay focused.Goals are supposed to be achieved, especially when connected to your purpose in life.When you set goals, share them with someone so that they help you stay on course and avoid distractions.This simply means ensuring that the goals you set are important to you.In the event that you find challenges or obstacles, you must still stay motivated and find the strength to keep moving on.When a goal is not important to you, it is easy to give up on it when you face challenges.You already know that your journey will not be smooth and that you will face opposition and obstacles.You must be mentally prepared for any roadblocks you may come across.If you do not anticipate these roadblocks beforehand and prepare for them when they happen, they can discourage you, and you may give up.As you set your goals, think of all the possible roadblocks and prepare for them.Procrastination is when a person tries all they can to avoid doing unpleasant tasks.Many people like procrastinating.You have a job that you must complete, but you do not want to because it is not pleasant to do it.They find the task to be unpleasant, and they would prefer to be doing something else instead.For instance, not many people want to change their behavior.They would rather stay with what is familiar rather than come up with ways to eliminate or change the habit.Sometimes a person has no idea how to carry out a task, and as such, prefers to avoid it altogether.For instance, a person may know that something is not right with the way they react to situations and behave.However, they avoid making changes in their behavior because they don’t know how to do it or to ask for help.Most perfectionists have a habit of procrastinating.They do this either because they feel they have nothing to change concerning behavioral change, or because they think they have no time to change perfectly.Changing behavior is not a pleasant task.However, it must be done, and avoiding procrastination is a sure way to achieving your goal.Once you have identified the behaviors and thoughts you want to change, you must avoid procrastination.There are various strategies to help you avoid procrastination.A reward system encourage yourself to do it first then have a way to reward yourself once you have done it.Try and face the unpleasant task of dealing with your negative thoughts or analyzing your negative behaviors in the morning when you are fresh.When you have things written down, it is hard to ignore them.

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